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Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675): Gezicht op Delft Doek 96,5 x 115cm., Den Haag, Mauritshuis.

What is the purpose of this page? Firstly it is for my personal use, to provide access to links that I find useful. However, I am sharing these with the readers of this page in case they too find them useful.

The page is primarily designed for English speakers who wish to know more about the Dutch, the Flemish and their language and culture. By "Dutch" in the general sense, I can mean: (1) referring to the present nation of the Netherlands (Holland), the northernmost of the two Low Countries; (2) referring to the historical Netherlands, roughly speaking the present Netherlands, Belgium-Luxemburg, and the north of France (Flanders and Artois, or Nord-Pas de Calais); (3) referring to the language, i.e. the native language in most of the present Netherlands (except Friesland) and the north of Belgium (Flanders).

The page does not attempt to be comprehensive, most of the links are to language- and culture-related topics. There is no information here on coffee shops, wooden shoes, national costume, tulips, euthanasia, statues of small boys urinating, lace, chocolate and many other topics associated with the Low Countries. For these you must seek elsewhere. The General links below will give you access to topics which I do not consider interesting

Many of the links are to Dutch language sites. Dus als U Nederlands spreekt, valt het wel mee, maar voor echte Nederlanders (Vlamingen evenmin) is er, vrees ik, weinig nieuws hier.

Is there anything apart from links on his site? The answer is YES. My pages appear in a special section of the following list/ De door mij geschapen pagina's staan in een afzonderlijk deel van de volgende lijst.



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