A 'Railway' Walk :
Goxhill Station to Barton Station

This pleasantly varied walk makes use of the Barton to Cleethorpes train service to Goxhill to make a linear route of about 8 miles in length. The terrain is relatively easy, involving a short stretch of road walking before following field tracks and paths to the Humber Bank. The return to Barton largely follows the bankside path through New Holland and Barrow Haven before skirting Waters Edge Country Park on the way into our destination.

Probably the most suitable train for the expedition is the one which leaves Barton Station at 9.58 am, the journey to the walk's starting point at Goxhill Station taking approximately 20 minutes. Alternative departure times are 11.58 am and 1.58 pm. There is ample free car parking at Barton Station.

The route of the walk is covered in two Ordnance Survey Explorer Maps, No 284, "Grimsby, Cleethorpes & Immingham" (showing the Goxhill end of the walk) and No 281, “Ancholme Valley” (showing the path from Goxhill to the Humber Bank, New Holland, Barrow Haven and Barton).

From the exit gate at Goxhill Station (1), turn right and then right again into Howe Lane. Go over the level crossing and walk straight ahead (2) to the obvious T-junction. Turn right again and walk along Ferry Road (3), crossing the railway bridge (4) and continuing past the point where the pavement ends.


Shortly after a double bend, a footpath sign on the left-hand side of the road appears and points towards a gate and a blocked-up stile (5). Go through the gate and join the path straight ahead across the field. Cross the stile in the right-hand corner of the field and follow the way-marked path across the paddock and through a gate in the top right-hand corner. The path runs across the northern edge of a field to locate, on the right, another stile which takes the walker through a right-angled turn. The field joined here may be cultivated but there is a path which crosses it straight ahead and then leads over a small footbridge (6) to join a wide track. Turn left and follow the track as it turns right (7). Almost immediately after the corner, turn left at the footpath sign (8) to follow the path westwards on the southern edges of two fields (9).


The path reaches a wooden bridge over a drain (10). Do not cross the bridge but turn right to follow the way-marked path (11) towards the Humber Bank. This eventually joins a wide track, coming in from the left, which is followed to reach the bank at the top of a slight slope (12).


This could be a reasonable place for a sandwich stop. Otherwise (or after your refreshment!) turn left and walk along the bank towards New Holland Jetty (13). The path passes a lake and New Holland Mere on the left (14) and then, just after a caravan site, it swings left, above a gate leading to the caravans (15). At this stage it threads through the Timber Yard before joining a tarmac road with a pedestrian walkway, clearly labelled, on the right (16).


This road turns sharp left (17) and heads towards a level crossing. This crossing is not part of the route, however. Before reaching it, the walker should cross the old tracks to join a path between the Barton to Cleethorpes line and the warehouses of the Port complex (18). The path turns right (19) and, close to the Humber Bank, passes the New Holland Nature Reserve before swinging left into a wide "yard" with the Reserve gate on the inland side (20).


The return to Barton from here is straightforward. The path runs close to the Humber Bank, past several claypits, Wilbar House and the Tileries (21), then through the Timber Yard at Barrow Haven (22). The route runs along the eastern side of the Haven towards Barrow Haven Station. Do not cross the line here but take the right turn over the railway bridge (careful!!) (23) and then right again through a metal gate onto the western bank of the Haven.

The path swings left as it passes the Lincolnshire Trust Barrow Haven Nature Reserve and then it follows the Humber Bank towards Barton. After the Reserve, a caravan site (24) and a Water-ski Club's lake are past on the left, as are a lake where water birds might be seen, and the North Lincs Sailing Club (25). After another Tile Yard, there is a double bend before Waters Edge Country Park and its unique Visitors' Centre appears ahead.


Just beyond the Sewage Outfall, the path widens into a tiled "promenade", decorated with a large "star" (26) and some tiles produced by local Baysgarth School students (27), before swinging left around the Visitors' Centre (28) to run alongside Barton Haven towards the Rope Walk Museum and Arts Centre.


Two routes to return to Barton Station are possible from here. The first takes you alongside the Rope Walk and through Proudfoots Car Park to the station. The second involves crossing the footbridge over the Haven into Waterside Road and taking a left turn towards the town.

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