Bibliography of Three Writers in Dutch: Maarten 't Hart, Hubert Lampo and Gerard Reve

  1. Maarten 't Hart
  2. Hubert Lampo
  3. Gerard (Kornelis van het) Reve
  4. Acknowledgements

This page is really a sort of unofficial one-person fan club for these three great contemporary writers in Dutch. It is designed mainly to publicize their work among persons who cannot speak or read Dutch. Unfortunately, very few of the works listed here have been translated into English, so non-Dutch-speakers may be a bit disappointed. But, believe me, reading the works of any one of the following three writers is in itself a very good reason for learning the Dutch language.

It is a reflection of the neglect of Dutch culture in the English-speaking world since 1945 that so little that these brilliant authors have written has been translated into English. This is in contrast to Louis Couperus (1863-1923) whose works were in his lifetime extensively translated into English. I wish to tell the world that all these writers are as good, if not better, than Couperus. For the benefit of any publishers who might read this, I am ready for a suitable fee to give up my other spare-time activities and translate any of these writers' works into English, given of course the authors' approval. I would add though that the information that I give below about available English translations is almost certainly incomplete, and I would appreciate any further information.

This page aims to list the most well-known and easily available works of these authors. For convenience in an age of information technology, International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) are given wherever possible. These may not always refer to the original publication, but they do uniquely identify the book. This has involved much consultation of Internet OPACs from the following libraries: De Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Den Haag and the University Libraries of Groningen, Utrecht, Cambridge and Oxford. Without the WWW, such a compilation would have been extremely difficult.

The lists do not include minor works, journal and newspaper articles or privately published material. So this document does not claim to be as comprehensive as the Reve bibliography already on the WWW (see below for link). I am sure that Lampo and 't Hart have just as devoted a following as Reve, but there are no WWW Pages devoted exclusively to them, although SchrijversNet does a good job in giving them publicity in Dutch (see also under each author).

The material here is as accurate and complete as I have been able to manage, but I very much welcome additions, corrections and comments (particularly about English translations and film or television adaptations). Please E-mail them to me at the address below. I would also welcome further information about literary distinctions conferred on the three writers.

The works of Lampo and 't Hart have been categorized according to conventional bibliographies, but the works of Reve are so difficult to categorize that they appear in a simple chronological list. Since this page is devoted to their works rather than the writers themselves, the biographical details have been deliberately kept short. SchrijversNet in most cases will give further information in Dutch.

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This document was prepared by Peter J. Large. Click my name for a direct E-mail link. It is not a piece of original research, and I do not claim copyright. I would however prefer anyone who uses material from this page to acknowledge the source. This page is dedicated to several people who have encouraged my love of Dutch literature: Peter and Margaret King, Trudy Suylen, Hans Duine. I hope shortly to add the works of Maarten Biesheuvel to this page, and possibly eventually, the late Annie M.G. Schmidt.

It was last revised on 19 April, 2000 and moved here on 2April, 2019.


I am grateful to the following sources of images for this page:
Stichting Bulkboek, Amsterdam (Portrait of 't Hart)
Meulenhoff, Amsterdam (Portrait of Lampo)
Gerard Reve Home Page (Portrait of Reve)

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